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Birthdate:Oct 21
Location:The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Canada
I'm a gentle giant with a penchant for produce, photography, poems, pacifism, passionate people, politics, pop culture, pronounced grins, pretty people and alliteration.

I'm a lover, not a fighter. But if you threaten what I love, I will fight, and I will win.
I love astrophysics, political philosophy, music and writing. I feel like there's a lot of poetry in astrophysics, and music is simply numbers in harmony with the universe.
I'm an agnostic hippy social democratic environmentalist lesbian. Or, as my mother affectionately would say "pinko commie fag". ;)
I love sports, and I could play them for hours.
I'm in a wheelchair because I have multiple bizarre bone diseases, including severe Legg Calves Perthes Disease (and no, the fact that a bone disease affecting the legs is called 'legg calves' is not lost on me) in which there is no blood flow to the hip bones, which then necrotise, shatter, and disintigrate until the head of the the femurs are completely destroyed. The extruded bone then damages muscle and nerve in the hips, and when the bone regrows it is weak and malformed. It is very painful, and there is no known cause or cure. It's degenerative, and I have it in my right hip, to a lesser extent in my left, and in my lower spine. I also have severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, as well as Scheueremann's Syndrome.
I've benefited a lot from these conditions, despite the 'challenges'- I discovered math, science, reading and politics long before most people do as a result of my isolation.

I'm one of the weird people who actually enjoy public speaking, performing and reading Hansard. If anyone wants to discuss House committee structure, Canadian theatre, folds in space-time, science fiction, aid initiatives, radio, British tv, or Mersenne numbers, I'm your girl.

I absolutely love wheelchair basketball, which I play at a national level. I have been offered and accepted a full scholarship to the University of Illinois in the States to play for them in 2012. :D

My writing is... different. I constantly try and challenge myself, but the fact remains that the emotions and themes that exist within my writing come directly from my life experience. My life experience hasn't been all that nice- I have a very thick record with the Children's Aid Society, my mother has been married four times to successively more destructive men, myself and my brother were in and out of the system,and my father is a functionally illiterate alcoholic whom I see once a year. Infer from those facts, and you'll begin to get a picture of my life. However- I believe that life is beautiful, and worth living, but it is hard. Life will kick you and kick you and kick you until you're bleeding, until you think you'll break, but you don't. Instead, you get up and keep fighting- and you'll lose. But that doesn't matter, you keep getting up, you keep fighting- because once, just once, you'll win. And that one win makes all the other losses worth it. It's not like in the movies- good does not always triumph over evil- but it does sometimes. And you have to live for the sometimes.

I write slash, femmeslash, queerhet, and gen. I cannot write het- I have never been in a consensual heterosexual relationship, and as such any attempt I make at writing one generally sucks. There may be het in a story, but it will not be sexually explicit, nor will it be the main focus.

If you feel like getting to know me, friend me or send me a message, and I'll bring out the internet cookies and punk rock, and we can have a dinosaur fight. ^^

Interests (95):

acting, activism, alpha flight, arcade fire, arthur, astronomy, astrophysics, being with my friends, bill nye the science guy, biology, books on science, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, colouring books, comic books, composing, cooking, criminal minds (again, dala, david bowie, david suzuki, depressing nature documentaries, dinosaurs, drogna, filmmaking, firefly, glitter, guilty pleasure), harry potter, having dinosaur fights, here be dragons, house, how i met your mother, jeremy fisher, kicking metaphorical ass, long hot baths with trashy sci-fi novels, luka, maps, mika, monty python, ncis (guilty pleasure), neil gaiman, nova science, obijou, physics books, piano, plasticine, politics, qi, reading, republic of doyle, roch carrier, sam smith, screenwriting, sewing, shake hands with the devil, shark week, shiny things, silhouettes, songwriting, space, stand-up comedy, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1, stephen fry, suzanne verga, terry pratchett, the b52s, the beatles, the big bang theory, the clash, the colbert report, the daily show, the hour, the jon dore show, the late late show, the magic school bus, the national, the postal service, the ramones, the rebel sell:why the culture can't be jammed, the rick mercer report, the sex pistols. flogging molly, the stingers, they might be giants, trans-sister radio, violin, wheelchair basketball, wicked, wilfred, writing, writing letters, x-men, zos: zone of separation, à la semaine prochaine
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